Thu, 27 Oct 2005

Met Rob Lucas and Denis Saulnier this morning. They are at Harvard’s Tech in Education program, and Denis is also taking classes at Kennedy School’s Social Entrepreneurship program. We talked quite a bit about playlists, and background and other such. Denis put together a less sophisticated but apparently reasonably successful first cut at lesson plan collaboration based on wiki over at Teacher’s Lounge and is apparently working now on a more sophisticated plan. Should be interesting to see how they develop- hopefully it is something that can be done in partnership with H2O, but we’ll see, of course.

Speaking of new ideas and such at the Berkman- we’re hiring for two Sr. Software Engineers for an as-yet-unannounced project on malware/spyware. The project is very fluid, and anyone who comes on board would have to be both willing and able to start something from scratch. Of course, you’d get the excitement of starting from scratch too, and on a well-funded project that could have a huge impact if it takes off. The Berkman is a great place to work- smart people doing cool things. If you’re interested, apply through Harvard, or drop me a note directly if you have more questions.