Mon, 24 Oct 2005


For the first time am beginning to feel like my plate is full at work- realized while going through my TODO today that it is getting quite long and quite serious. Ramping up is over and really getting the ass kicked is beginning.

Random Stuff

Apparently Boston will host Wikimania 2006. That should be fun.

Globule is the most interesting new content distribution toy I’ve seen in a while. If it works as advertised, has the potential to make operating mirrors easy for admins and basically transparent for users. That’s a really good thing for anyone who is making ‘amateur’ (read: no funds for bandwidth) content of any sort.

GNOME-y bits

Pretty good article on Novell. Hope none of my friends (in Boston, Provo, or Nuremberg) are personally hit by the cuts that appear to be coming. That said, as a stockholder, I’m happy that the company appears to be focusing itself- hope that once the dust has cleared the right places have been chopped and the right places kept.

Glad to see elijah is blogging again. He has a good link to Gerv on cleaning out old bugs.