Wed, 19 Oct 2005


Philip: no need to worry about my, uh, ‘reviews’; I’ve been very impressed with the vmware beta’s polish. [For those who are at this moment spitting out their milk because Luis was using proprietary software, it was for my LSAT and GMAT review software, and I was very pleased by it.] This is exactly the kind of sophisticated, polished app we need to be showing ISVs as a model for what they can do on our platform. Hopefully we’ll listen to your advice and make it easier for them to do, of course; the interesting response to acrobat was not my post but the responses to my post where people discussed exactly what flaws in our platform would have to be resolved before Adobe could easily remedy the (deep) flaws in their product.

Perhaps tangentially, Philip, now that you’re pimping VIEW, have you and Jody talked about the library of advanced widgets he is always talking about for the GOffice family? Seems like you guys probably have some needs in common…


Looks like because of the hurricane, instead of meeting my dad and stepmom in New York this weekend, I’ll be meeting my dad, stepmom, and two stepsiblings. Will change the nature of the weekend a bit, I guess, but should still be fun. They’ll also be staying in NYC until at least Monday, because that’ll mean they miss the hurricane altogether.

Orlando, at least the small chunk I’m in for the next 24 hours, is fundamentally not very interesting :)