Thu, 20 Oct 2005

Talk went well. I’ll drop some GNOME jaws by reporting that I basically didn’t talk at all, and Hal did most of the talking :) Think there might be some interesting contacts coming out of it.

Am in an interesting round table right now on open source; on the one hand, lots of people are here, and lots of people are saying very positive things about open and ‘community’ source. And they are being very reasonable about the negatives- they are pragmatic and generally everyone has good, sane responses to the negative stuff. Sadly for me, the one positive that the moderator openly questioned was when I said that use and development of open source matched the mission statement of our institution, and the one negative that was not contested was comments about the religiosity of open source. So we still have issues, both in the PR realm (dealing with the religiosity issue) and in the American economic sphere- getting people to value values is hard.

Looks like someone is finally going to put some resources behind open source textbook creation. Yay. [From Beth Noveck.]