Mon, 17 Oct 2005


Long weekend. My grandfather is healthier and in a much, much better facility. But it isn’t clear he’ll ever really be 100% healthy again; he’s just too old and too frail for his body to recover fully from this type of thing. Avoid Shady Grove Adventist if you’re ever in the Rockville Maryland area and need medical care…


Will spend part of this week at educause, talking about H2O. Should be interesting. Still boggled that they charge speakers to register. I’d be tempted if I were in academia to do talks/presentations for a camera, throw them on my blog, and pull a Miguel, handing out slips of paper with a time, the name of a nearby bar, and the URL for my talk at the entrance to the conference.

Open Bits

It took me a while to get used to gmail’s conversation view, but it is now driving me insane that evo thinks my sent mails are not part of a thread when I’m looking at it. I really want everything in my conversation view- mail, IM, docs, but I’d settle (for now) for my Sent folder :)

Spent a good chunk of the weekend listening to the tracks in the CC Mixter Ambient tag– CC-licensed ambient tracks, many of which sample from other such tracks. Some pretty good stuff, at least to my untutored ear. Worked great for plane flights and airport time. Someone with taste needs to set up an actively DJ’d/edited Radio CC to stream me the good stuff 24/7. Only downside was that since none of it is album-based, using muine for it was pretty impossible, which was frustrating.