Wed, 12 Oct 2005

I forgot to mention yesterday morning that gobby rocks. I expect to use it (or something like it) for more collaborative meetings in the future. We used it at the summit to take notes for a couple of sessions, and it was quite nice, though it did crash once on me without bringing up bug-buddy.

Software I poked around yesterday included Digital Bicycle’s Sprocket, a mashup of a blog tool, metadata editor, and torrent creator, and the Broadcast Machine, which I think is something someone in gnome should look into to create a for guadec and other related videos; we’ll be playing with it at work, I think, to distribute our content.

Jim Grisanzio has a great post on doing an open project in a closed company. Really, really great point by point advice- something I’m sure I’ll point people to in the future. (Could have used it yesterday, in fact, in conversation with one of the media folks.) It isn’t always clear that Sun as a company Gets It, but it is increasingly clear that many of Sun’s employees Get It at a pretty deep level, and that’s great.