Tue, 11 Oct 2005

Summit was a lot of fun. Good to see people, of course, and good to see lots of hacking going on. We saw in the closing demos of lots of stuff that I have now forgotten due to lack of sleep but which I’m sure Jorge will blog faithfully about. The perf guys seem to have gotten a lot done too, though nothing to demo. Bottom line: successful, fun conference that moved us ahead in quite a few places. Looking forward to next year.

Group Photo

Yay us.

I think it might be worth experimenting with doing more targeted summits in the future, perhaps quarterly or something, with interested companies hosting and pitching in to get relevant people there. For example, a summit that was 10-15 of the ‘right’ people, focused purely on performance, or purely on QA, or art, or usability, might have some big, measurable impacts. And you could cram them all in a single company’s conference room, instead of having to host them at MIT, which should cut down the costs basically to transportation.

In other conference news, am excited to hear that London LWE went very well. Hopefully it will be the first of many successes. Thomas, and/or anyone else who attended and helped out, I hope you can find some time to flesh out the Conference and Show HOWTO in the wiki.

18 great quotes from web 2.0, mostly about software/web development. Is what it says on the box.

Once upon a time, I tried writing a paper about /. moderation; the /. moderation was (for the time) pretty innovative, though the paper was a mess. Apparently the BBC is going to take the style more mainstream. Should be a fascinating experiment.