Sun, 09 Oct 2005

Why I wanted to meet Nathan:

  • from his blog, seems like an interesting person. As Dave has pointed out, I like to collect interesting people. ;)
  • There are at least some creative commons people who believe that the Free Software community should be kept at arm’s length, as the Free Software community has a raging lunatic fringe, and CC very, very actively avoids being associated with lunatic fringes. I hope we can use Nathan as our secret agent on the inside to counter that perception.
  • I believe (and I think the BOF yesterday confirmed) that we have a lot of CC-friendly people in GNOME who would find working with CC fun and rewarding, so introducing Nathan to some of those people would be rewarding
  • I believe that for GNOME’s sake, GNOME must work with Creative Commons or Creative Commons affiliated content creators to counter the proprietary music stores that we are never going to (legally) have.
  • I think it would be healthy for CC to have a ‘CC OS’ where CC is integrated throughout the creative experience, and I hope GNOME can be that.

Besides the CC/media stuff, I had a good day at summit. Enjoyed using gobby for the cc/media bof- we projected it on the monitor and that made it possible for everyone to follow along. We’ll do the same in the QA BOF this morning, I think. Great time seeing everyone, as usual; I hope the Bostonians I snuck away from at dinner didn’t feel too hurt that I tried to have dinner with out-of-towners who I only see a couple times a year instead of them :)

Am going to have a very interesting QA BOF, where I try to be a note taker and bugmaster emeritus instead of bugmaster. That will be hard.

Seth apparently was searching for friends names on, and discovered that Duke University owed a ‘Luis I. Villa’ (which is what Duke called me when they were convinced my middle name was IV) owed someone who lived at one of my old PO boxes ‘more than $100’. So I guess I’ll fill out the paperwork and see what treasure is at the end of that rainbow.