Thu, 06 Oct 2005

Random bits from the course of the day:

Lessig explaining CC, giving some history, and asking for donations- they don’t appear to be running out of money, per se, but if some percentage of their money doesn’t come from a distributed base of donors, the IRS gets unhappy.

Just as Linus explained his abhorrence of specs the other day, Mark Pilgrim has a really great rant on overgrown ‘standards’ and how obsession with corner cases can really screw you. Should be a great read for the lesscode crowd.

Mark also detailed his first post-blog project; sort of a mit semantic web piggy-bank lite. That might be an interesting thing for the beagle and epiphany folks to keep an eye on.

Siva Vaidhyanathan has a great read on how the current wave of peer production is not revolutionary but rather restorative. Nothing new there, exactly, but very well written, and a meme that should be spread.

kikidonk made me happy with a keybinding for the magic applet.

Work was work; stared at an sql error for quite some time before realizing I was looking at the wrong error log, which was why I wasn’t seeing an error. Still no idea why http auth isn’t happening correctly for my little calendar installation that should have been off my plate a week ago.

Looking forward to summit, particularly to meet Nathan Yergler.