Wed, 05 Oct 2005

Nobody wins any challenge until code is checked in. :)

Another big gnome deployment: Sun Wah Linux is deploying their GNOME-based Rays LX to 140+ thousand machines in China. We continue to win big, substantial deployments across the world, and that is really, really exciting.

Unfortunately, Sun Wah are shipping 2.6 with substantial i18n input fixes (as far as I can see); just as Sun has shipped 2.old with substantial a11y fixes for some time. This highlights the need (IMHO) to have a full-time (or several) GNOME developers whose main task is integrating the work of distros (both code and QA-wise) into HEAD so that instead of all repetitively doing QA and development on old branches, we can collaboratively and less wastefully work on new and better stuff. [To put this another way- think of all the QA and development effort that has gone into GNOME 2.6 since 2.8 was released. Think of all that getting lost, or being done repetitively by Sun, Sun Wah, and others. IMHO, the big distros need to get together and figure out a way to cut down on that repetition and waste if they want to move forward and become more competitive with XP and OS/X. I’m not generally a fan of the centralized Mozilla culture, but it does encourage all the major players in that development arena to stay on the same page and reduces waste substantially.]

Upgraded bugzilla at work yesterday; will start filling it with stuff soon. Emailed back and forth a bit with Olav about his incredibly awesome work to get b.g.o upgraded.