Wed, 28 Sep 2005

Board meeting today was good; I’m really excited about summit. Hopefully jrb and I will hash out some schedule stuff Monday.

As I’ve stated on foundation-list, I think the current situation with the board is untenable- we just don’t have enough quality, motivated candidates with enough time to make an 11 person board work. We need a smaller board with more active campaigning and more aggressive selection to create a more effective, dynamic, delegative, and focused board. So I’ve added my name to the Board size petition.

Work was also good today- settled in after yesterday’s excitement with Jimbo and settled into doing the hard work on the playlist tool. Step one was have a meeting with the team, such as it is. Used iChat, which was pretty smooth and simple. I’d love to see gnomemeeting and gaim integrated that way. Did have a problem where it appears you can do video, or audio, but not both, so we settled on audio. Step two was actually restarting the h2o development list, which had been dormant. Hopefully we’ll have a blog soon too, and of course I’ll be pushing for very active use of bugzilla. We’ll see how it all works out; should be a fun ride regardless.

Did more LSAT practice; just one more round (tomorrow morning) and then I relax until the exam on Saturday. Am doing somewhere between ‘very well’ and ‘great’, depending on my luck in selection of the logic games. Need great to get into the schools I want to go to, really.