Fri, 23 Sep 2005

Subvert from within. A very awesome link for all my Novell, Sun, and Red Hat readers to pore over (and probably many other companies); one which I’ll probably print and put on my wall (not that I really need to subvert my organization, but still, a great link.)

Last night, told everyone involved in the liveCD that I’m dead to the world until Summit is over, at least. That probably holds for just about every GNOME project except board- don’t block on me. If you are blocking on me for some reason, send email that says ‘I’m blocking on you’ in the subject, and explain to me exactly what I need to do to unblock you, and I’ll do my damndest to do whatever I can to unblock you, but nothing more until this madness of travel, exams, and on-the-job trial by fire is passed.

In more perky news, the Manolo, he makes the six figures to talk about the shoes and the ponchos in the the third person. I am clearly in the wrong job. “In the short the Manolo loves the shoes, and the capitalism!” Manolo, he imparts much of the wisdom:

Do not be afraid to be different, in the fact, being different it is the advantage in the marketplace where there are fifty hundred new blogs on the topic you have chosen. Also, do not be afraid of the odd combinations of the topics, or of the peculiar view of the world, or the different way of approaching your subject as long as these things can be entertaining. Do this, and post faithfully everyday, and be generous with your links and with your readers, and your audience it will find you soon enough.