Wed, 21 Sep 2005

We continue to have some rocking people sign up for summit, including Maddog, Nathan Yergler from Creative Commons, Matthew Allum from Opened Hand (presumably with 770 in hand), and the elusive Marco Pesenti Gritti. Tim has obtained a third room for us, which we’ll be able to have for hacking. Should be fun- I’m looking forward to it, though I won’t be able to attend the first day and maybe the second morning.

Summit schedule is still in flux- I might try to find some time tonight to update it, with, say, for example, the information that we have a third room for hacking ;) and flesh out some things we know- that marketing will be discussed on the 10th, for example. But it is definitely not too late to add information either to the tail end of the schedule page or the attendees page to note what you want out of the summit.