Tue, 20 Sep 2005

Turns out I’m still not a big fan of meetings, though I had some good ones today and continue to be very openly welcomed at Berkman.

Am reading a lot of Java docs ATM, and am sort of depressed, just because it is sooo nice compared to, well, anything I’ve looked at in a long time.

Am apparently going to co-present at educause, and going to the second day of State of Play, though both are still up in the air.

Had to defend evo’s quality when it started mysteriously segfaulting every time I tried to send an email, and hence had to explain to my boss (more mentor, really) why he hadn’t gotten my email. Not fun. Mentioned Ubuntu to him; he told a fairly funny story about ‘this Ubuntu guy at OSCON who just wouldn’t stop talking’. ‘Australian?’ ‘Yeah, he was an aussie.’ ‘Yeah, I know him.‘ :)