Tue, 20 Sep 2005

Working 9-5 can be surprisingly draining, it turns out. I doubt I ever did a straight through 9-5 day at Ximian, unless it was a day I was flying somewhere that night- always either got up much earlier (when we were working with India) or stayed much later (all the rest of the time.) But on to another such day :) Yesterday was a little weird, just getting my feet under me. Only real accomplishment was getting most of the berkman blogs into a planet config (there are a lot of them, so it took a while.) Today will also likely be weird, since I woke up at 6am and did 105 minutes of LSAT prep, deliberately reordered to stress my weak points. So I’m starting the day a little mentally winded already :) But hopefully today will be more productive than yesterday; and I’ll get to go to the Fellows meeting, which should be fun. :)

Several people have emailed me about Summit housing, by the way; it looks like I will not be able to host anyone on Thursday or Friday nights, and probably not Saturday night either, though that is still slightly up in the air. I recommend emailing boston-social with couch requests, and boston-social… well, I really hope they follow up, though reaction so far on that list has been disapppointing :/