Wed, 14 Sep 2005

Brain dump, clearing a ‘misc stuff to blog about’ tomboy note before my free time vanishes:

Life imitates art. Sadly, I really do like my Mach 3 enough that I’ll at least try this beast once, as will a lot of other guys I know.

Spectacular article on– really good read for those who were regular Suck readers back in the day, and interesting read for those who are curious about the first place to do the ‘one column layout with snarky commentary to obscure links’ thing that is now so de rigeur. So, yes, it was sort of like a blog, except with way cooler artwork.

I read Charles Stross’s Iron Sunrise a couple weekends ago. It was great fun. You know the author is a geek because a chapter about an assasination attempt committed with a bomb is titled ‘Set Us Up The Bomb.’

Enjoyed this Seth Godin piece on organizational paralysis a great deal.

This site purports to have a methodology for measuring relevant metrics of free/open software. I have no idea if it is ever going to be relevant, but it is an interesting idea.

And I think that wraps up my blogorhea for the day. Thank you very much.