Tue, 13 Sep 2005

Got many, many wishes of luck yesterday with the new job (which is still not 100%-super-duper set in stone, but basically is, I guess). Thanks to everyone who wrote.

Good day. Took a practice LSAT all morning. The games section broke me, but otherwise did very, very well. So at least I know what I have to focus on for the next couple weeks.

Have started a new workout routine (still purely based on stuff I can do at home, no weights or machines) and am sore all over. I’m doing fewer repetitions, but feel like I’m accomplishing more. If it really does continue to feel successful in, say, a month, I’ll post a link to the website I got the new exercises from with a hearty endorsement.

Attended a lunch talk given by Glorianna Davenport of the Media Fabrics group at MIT. Was pretty interesting, though I wish she’d been able to give some demos. The payoff for me was the random thought that gallery shouldn’t have slideshows in the old-fashioned linear sense, but rather should be like dasher (which I see is advertising for a job- free software job writing cool software job for brits- go to it!). Maybe with fewer funky colors :) But yeah, instead of a linear slideshow with a simple ‘next’, I’d like gallery to present options to my viewers- try to predict five or so pictures that will be interesting to them, based on what they are looking at now, what they’ve looked at previously (no repetition, most likely), available keywords, other metadata. Throw those up in one margin with thumbnails, and let people click on any of them instead of just ‘next’. Probably make the one that I’ve designated as next bigger/more central, but give them other options. Maybe make one of them random. Anyway, thinking out loud.

[On a slightly related note, gallery 2 is out. They had some pretty nice SoC stuff (inc. a pretty nice DHTML browse mode and an RSS feed, so I’ll probably switch whenever they get sqlite support. This whole business of thinking that everything on earth should require setting up a whole sql server is insane.]