Mon, 12 Sep 2005

I have again started pondering the state of GUADEC and the Foundation in general, and it has again threatened to make my mood dark and stormy. Stayed up too late. Wrote some flames, hopefully some of which will stimulate much-needed discussion. Hopefully even more constructively did a SWOT analysis of GUADEC. I think a lot of that information is already conventional wisdom, but no one is acting on it :) and I’ve never seen it written down. Hopefully this is a good way to get some issues clarified so that we can know where we are and consider where we should go and/or how to patch up the base. The exercise was interesting enough (at least to me ;) that I’m considering doing the same for the Foundation. That one will be fun, let me tell you :)

On the even more plus side, wrote and saved a change of affiliation email, though not going to email that particular chicken until it is 100% hatched, hopefully tomorrow night.

Otherwise, just a nice weekend- pretty good weather, continued liveCD creation by marcus (up to 14 now!), some very nice meals and lazy TV watching with Krissa. I bailed out on mako and software freedom day, but after travel, GMAT, first LSAT practice test, release stress, and other stuff, I just didn’t feel up to it.