Sat, 10 Sep 2005

Now that 2.12.0 liveCD nuttiness is slightly winding down for me, some random things I’d really love to see in 2.14, all of which should be very doable:

  • Officially adopt network-manager, and then aggressively port network-related apps (evo, ephy, and weather-applet for example) to behave intelligently when n-m says there is no network.
  • gnome-screensaver and fusa becoming official parts of the desktop, and integrated with gdm.
  • An official torrent client.
  • LiveCD infrastructure translated as part of the official l10n core, with standard tools. Regular 2.13 liveCD releases, and working with more magazines to get the 2.13.90/91 CDs distributed very widely.
  • Integration of the SoC stuff, particularly Lorenzo’s startup time work.

More dreamy:

  • If Lorenzo’s work is good enough, kill the gnome-session splash screen.
  • Creative Commons integration of some sort.
  • Widespread use of LDTP or something similar in ‘make check’.
  • Bug-buddy switching to XML-RPC and dropping client-side product/component guessing in favor of intelligence on the server.
  • One or two cairo-based gtk themes that aren’t just smoother and shinier, but funkier.

Of course, there is lots of cool stuff already in the GNOME RoadMap that I hope also gets done, particularly in gnomemeeting and evolution.

Am currently inflicting Duke football on myself. It’s just… argh. If they were just smaller and slower and got beat that way, that would be fine. But they just don’t play smart football. 10 minutes into the game, Duke has given Tech two first downs by penalty and turned it over on a penalty on a fourth down trick play. I know we’re improving, though, because at least so far we have no interceptions or fumbles. (It took about two minutes of game time after I wrote that for it to become untrue. Sigh.) Then Duke had a brilliant interception. Which promptly became third and 35. Sigh.