Fri, 09 Sep 2005

Marcus Bauer has been a stud; as a result we have eight liveCD languages on torrent. LiveCD FTP is lagging a bit but should have all eight languages soon. Marcus continues to pump out languages; if you want your language to have a fully translated liveCD, talk to him. If you want to be an ftp mirror and/or a superseed for torrent, drop me a note and I’ll show you the 1337 hotness where you can get the full isos from for mirroring.

Apparently a11y is broken on the CDs. I’m frustrated by this; it’s clearly not something that is truly part of our culture yet to test.

Other than that, I’m going to bite the ugly bullet and dive into LSAT prep this morning. Yay. :/

Oh, and as OS/X slips further into theme franken-ness, I thought this was hilarious. More in-depth commentary (though from before the iTunes 5 announce) here.