Wed, 31 Aug 2005

Ben: while I approve of your move into the famed Acetarium, you should let the management know that rss is very passe for events, and ical is much preferred by the in crowd these days.

End of an era: I’ve been removed from planet suse. Ironically, I am planning on installing suse for the first time in ages in the next few days to play with their beta.

Board meeting today. Am finally clear on and happy with the foundation’s financial state, and hopefully the questions I’ve asked will mean more clear board financial statements for everyone in the future. It also means the board should have a greater understanding of what our resources are for things like helping Forum GNOME, paying for lawyers, and helping people attend events that might benefit GNOME (all things we discussed today alone.)

Completed my GMAT review today, for exam a week from today. Signed up for LSAT review for exam in a month. I have to say I’ve been extremely pleased with Princeton Review’s online prep test (except for the IE dependency)- my test scores are up substantially from the first practice exam I took, at least partially because of the very good advice they provide about pattern matching on the exam. Really, the exams are gameable. Oh, and they have very, very strong correlations with performance at b-school and law school. What that says about the schools themselves, I’m not happy to think about ;)