Wed, 31 Aug 2005

My mom and dad both have power back as of this evening after Miami’s brush with Katrina. My father lives right on the water in a house he was able to buy because when he bought it, one entire wing of the house had no roof from Andrew and the basement still had terrible water damage. He generally has the sense to get out when predictions are dire; but not as quickly as I’d like. Sadly, I’m sure I’ll be able to wave New Orleans at him next time I need to make sure he gets out faster.

Tried to use evo today for the first time in a while; e-d-s segfaults on start about 2/3rds of the time, and the rest of the time it crashes on exit. This was not what I expected. :( Bugs are filed (though the e-d-s one has a spectacularly shit trace), so I guess I’ll see what happens.

I hope Bastien has seen this.

Mixed day; didn’t get too much done except writing of emails, but they were some important and much put-off emails, so I guess that counts for something.