Mon, 29 Aug 2005

Blah. I did not intend to spend today rehashing the release notes. But I did anyway. Some of the damage is done in CVS; other bits will have to wait until tomorow before committing. All will have to wait for someone to unfuck the website build. I’ve tried and failed. I’m tempted to just throw the whole lot into the wiki and say ‘fuck it’. [snip embittered ranting about CMS discussion at boston summit… 2002.]

Among other things, the evening’s writing entailed creating a ‘Get Unstable’ page in the wiki. I seeded it with some information, but it could use more- if you provide 3rd-party rpms of development GNOME, or know of a distro that regularly provides rpms of development GNOME in a form like Breezy or Rawhide, please put them in the page! It’ll help get new people hooked on our drug.

I have put out a request for an XSL guru on the marketing list to fix one nagging stylistic issue in the release notes that really makes them less personable. I’m guessing for someone who knows what they are doing, it is a trivial fix, but I just can’t seem to figure out where this is happening. If this is you, this is your chance to help improve our most read document of the year for a probably minimal time investment of your own. :)