Fri, 26 Aug 2005

More people are signing up for the Summit, and adding suggestions on what to talk about. That’s great- hope more people do so. Ideally, if you’ve got specific topics you’d like to talk on, please also make sure it is added to the ‘proposed topics’ section of the schedule, so that when a couple of us sit down and whip things together, it is mostly in one place and easier to find.

We have two volunteers for the SoC article for GNOME Journal, which is great. Hopefully we’ll get an interesting overview of the summer out of this.

Am downloading opensuse beta 3 over bittorrent right now; I’ve never before seen a bittorrent situation before where my upload is consistently 2-4x as much as my download. Very irritating. I chose bittorrent to be a ‘good guy’, but as a result, my download will take close to 40 hours. Blah.