Mon, 22 Aug 2005

Discovered this morning that the mindblowing performance problems I was having last night was because I went from running the intended-for-2.12 clearlooks to the intended-for-2.14 clearlooks, which uses cairo in some ways that are not really ironed out performance-wise. Moral of the story here- cairo is way better than it was performance wise, but as always, a theme that is not fully baked can still blow everything up. :)

After that, spent about four hours this morning doing test review, and a good chunk of the rest of the day playing with various flash card apps. None of the three on gnomefiles were Just Right, which made me spend part of the day reviewing python docs and playing with glade to at least clean up the python-based FlashBack. I actually prefer gflashcards in most respects, but it lacks a separate field for examples, so… :/

Other than the test prep, honestly a sort of dysfunctional, depressing day- not really sure why as I actually got quite a lot done in the morning, just felt very blah all afternoon. Have downloaded a new liveCD for the first time in a bit; hopefully be more productive with that tomorrow.

(On as upbeat a note as I can muster, this gdm theme is the cutest, most human gdm theme I’ve ever seen. A metacity theme and clearlooks color scheme that matches it would make me smile.)