Sat, 20 Aug 2005

Have eaten well so far this weekend- last night was salmon cakes with a corn-onion garnish from the Foster’s Market cookbook. Night before was a great dinner with Trow, and as usual stimulating discussion. Nice to have one’s assumptions challenged. :) Breakfast was french toast with blueberry topping, and tonight’s dinner was coconut-almond snapper from norman’s topped by a delightful pseudo-asian slaw. I should take pictures of all of this to compete with Federico ;)

Have started work on an essay on trademark; I realize the research-ish paper form is just too formal and too stilted for what I wanted to communicate to anyone other than my professor, so it is getting redone.

Bug day was a mixed success- some great new folks, but I was really out of it for chunks of the day (nearly fell asleep on my keyboard) and had to step out for a bit for an interview-y-thing at the law school, so I missed some of the high energy part of the day. So not as much fun for me personally. Oh well.

Have not touched liveCD or tinderbox all week, unfortunately. Perhaps tomorrow. :/