Wed, 17 Aug 2005

Cairo and evince folks have collaborated to really speed up cairo on my personal torture case. Well done, guys. I’m told in particular I owe thanks to vektor. This does remind me, though, that I need to figure out a controlled way to run gtkperf. [I ran it quickly tonight, and am getting much better numbers than I did earlier in the devel cycle, particularly in GtkTextView, but it doesn’t exactly feel controlled. Not even the same themes, really. :/

Basically nailed the test, except that 18% of the test was one essay question. And that one question was on a book that I actually owned before the class started, so I read it the first weekend of the class, and then totally, literally, forgot to review it this weekend. So I had to wing the question. I think I did OK on it, but irritated that as a result I didn’t really nail the test overall like I could have.

Board meeting today was decent; we’re moving forward (albeit more slowly than many of us would like) on a number of fronts, including trademark, store, and financial accountability. So that’s good.

Bug day tomorrow. Come by and say hi :) No hugs, though.