Fri, 12 Aug 2005

Glad to have a printer again; making paper editing much easier. Thanks to the lazyweb (you know who you are :) for the advice.

There is a patch for jhbuild tinderbox atom support now, so I threw a tinder planet together. Hopefully I’ll get my own (working) planet together soon. If you’re interested in hosting a tinderbox and can export results, email the packaging list and we’ll discuss it there.

Interesting list of open source speakers, with (currently) a heavy bias towards women. We should consider talking with some of these folks for the next GUADEC.

Overview of doing real business with free software. Interesting, covers some categories I didn’t even know existed.

Excited by this- hopefully we can make some of the cc stuff easier to build, if nothing else ;)

I think that’s about all the random links today.