Tue, 09 Aug 2005

Have accomplished something today besides clearing out my inbox (no small feat!)- I skeletoned out a schedule for the upcoming Summit. Anyone who is coming and wants to talk a bit should throw their presentation titles and names up towards the bottom of the page; I’ll work on organizing them into an actual order/schedule later. Please, sign up, and don’t be afraid to throw out an idea.

Am currently downloading the hot new ubuntu livecd, and earlier today grabbed a beta of a, uh, slightly more closed distro :) Hopefully hot testing action on the liveCD and a 2.11.90 GNOME liveCD tomorrow, though I really have to buckle down and get some finalizing action going on the paper, and have a call about potential short-term contracting work that I hope will prove interesting.

Second to last class session today. All in all, I’m glad I took the class, but man, some lectures… just not as cool as some others. Do currently have a half-dozen papers on the interaction of patent and antitrust law open in front of me; interesting sidebar to the TM/GPL issues I’ve been wrestling with (mostly unsuccesfully.)