Tue, 09 Aug 2005

Owww. Head hurts, mostly typing with one hand and using the other to hold ice against my head.

Apparently my post yesterday was unclear. All I did in the wiki was make sure times/etc. made sense, and clear out the cruft from last year. Making the schedule is mostly up to the people who want to speak. What we did last year was create a few ‘themes’, solicit speakers in those tracks who then added their names/titles to the bottom of the wiki page, and then someone (me, mostly) grouped them into a schedule about a week or two before the event. It worked well, I thought, so I figured we’d do it again. That means, if you’re interested in speaking or hosting a BOF-ish-thing at Summit, go add yourself to the page. Talks last year were brief (30 minutes max) and informal, and that also worked well, so keep that in mind. We’ll remove the ‘foos’ and ‘bars’ later.

There are new Ubuntu liveCDs, so hopefully I’ll have a 2.11 liveCD out tonight.