Sun, 07 Aug 2005

Oh great lazyweb, my printer has gone go the dead printer place in the sky. Great lazyweb, I need a new printer; one that is reasonably cheap, small-ish, works with cups over a network, and (here is the catch) has an ethernet port instead of usb (since I have a spare ethernet->802.11 converter and would like to stuff this far away from any of the computers. Oh great lazyweb, your friend, google, has failed me… but perhaps you can help

Other than bemoaning my printer, I spent most of the day cleaning- I bought bookshelves some time ago, and Krissa and I finally sat down and reorganized our books so that (at least as of right now) none of them are in piles anywhere. Parts of the house that aren’t roomba-able have also been vacuumed for the first time in ages. Still lots of crud all over, unfortunately. But we’re getting there.

Second bbq in two nights tonight; nice, relaxed bbq weather these days. Contribution last night was a chilled rice and black bean salad, and mint ice cream; today pork loin.

Continue to poke some at the tinderbox- the atom xml should validate as xml now (though not yet as atom) and some of my other old patches are now in CVS (though not automatically applied yet as they should be by Still, we’re getting closer to being able to just slam this onto any available box and get a real tinderbox on it. Yay us.