Thu, 04 Aug 2005

Didn’t accomplish much yesterday. Did get an elizabot up and running, though; look for it on the next liveCD ;)

Shockingly no one has yet congratulated Jeff on winning an O’Reilly award for open source evangelism, so… now I’ve done it. Congrats, Jeff. The award cash does mean you’re buying the first round at Summit. And by first, I mean ‘every.’

I was going to continue my quest not to win such an award by responding to the micro-blog-war I started the other day, but I realize there is nothing I can write here that is (1) honest (2) won’t be interpreted as antagonistic and (3) will actually move us all forward. Particularly keeping (3) in mind, I’m just going to shut up, and look forward to ‘just’ being a user again in the not too far future.

[On frankendesktops: I think this is quite nice, and look forward to it being available, though ATM I’m using Abi for all my word processing needs.]

Oh, congrats also to Blizzard and the moz guys for striking out in a new direction- this is certainly an interesting and potentially important step forward for many of us. Good luck, and thanks for testing the waters :)