Tue, 02 Aug 2005

Continue to move forward on my paper (it lost several pounds last night, usually a good sign); am more than a bit bummed that GNOME was not represented at this discussion of TM and free software organizations.

Added a new app to the Power User Tools page on the wiki. Someone needs to get around to packaging all of those (and pulling this one into nautilus…) Also discovered that art.gnome.org has an rss feed; added that to my personal gnome planet. Am thinking that what I need to do after I go back to school is become a foonote reporter, so that I can contribute without being quite so involved.

Sri’s comment about ‘the other desktop’ getting lots of press is dead on- it’s a shame that in our corner we have Sun, Novell and Red Hat investing heavily, Adobe and Real as our ISVs, LSB looking at incorporating our toolkit, a thriving environment of small professional developers, and some of the biggest non-Windows desktop deployments in the world, and they have Linspire (and admittedly apparently Intel, which appears to be something we screwed up), and yet they are the ones pushing themselves (successfully) as The Open Source Desktop. Clearly we need to figure out how we booted that one and get a move on it.

Ed. note: I have been reminded that despite Intel’s sponsorhip of this OSDW, they also are working on gtk testing for LSB and various other GNOME bits. Of course, Novell is also similarly conflicted, I mean, uh, covering all their bases ;)