Mon, 01 Aug 2005

Just a reminder- the Boston Conspiracy is gearing up for Summit 2005 @ MIT, and couches are needed for out of towners. If you have a couch in or around Boston, you can volunteer to host people at this wiki page.

I personally need to get off my butt and sketch out a schedule mockup like we did last year- I think the ‘schedule light’ mode worked well, but we did seed it at least a tiny bit. If there is something you’d like to see on the schedule, email me. We’ll have (like last year) some speed talks, and some longer talks, with time set aside after every talk for hacking.

[As an aside, so I have this on the record: I don’t have comments because (1) I don’t need yet another information stream to browse and (2) if you can’t find my email address and mail me a response to a blog post, you aren’t trying very hard. :)]