Wed, 27 Jul 2005

CVS and I do not get along*, but despite that, Marcus’ rocking liveCD scripts are in CVS, including my changes to make them basically functionally equivalent to what I had before. I’ve also nuked my old crap. Marcus’s stuff + my changes *should* work, but I warn that it isn’t exactly tested in the current configuration. Bugs are my fault.

I uploaded a 2.11.90ish liveCD for people to play with. Known bugs include busted sound, lots of 2.10 mentions in the docs (taking patches for those!) and lack of a handler for .ppt. For details, location, and discussion, see the marketing-list.

TinyERP is an interesting-looking use of pygtk; includes a new project management tool and an accounting tool, as part of an open source but for-profit ERP/CRM suite. Pretty nice to see more people using the platform. If someone packages these for Breezy I can throw them on the liveCD ;)

Have seen this a couple places now, touching on how suse needs a fedora ‘competitor’; I couldn’t agree more, except the part where he says evolution has been held close to the vest; clearly not paying attention to the generally good things Novell has done there. (Not to mention GPLing YaST, etc.)

Off tomorrow to Nashville for a college hallmate’s wedding. Will be there all weekend, probably reading/writing for big chunks of it.

*also cp.