Tue, 26 Jul 2005

Took most of the day off from writing to futz with the liveCDs. Given the current state of breezy, this was shockingly productive ;) I will definitely upload a 2.11 CD tonight. Has some rough edges (sound is busted, some X stuff is slightly funky), but Marcus Bauer’s awesome scripting work has made creation much easier, and he nuked some stuff that made the CD much smaller. The latest build is actually under 500M, with hula, jabberd, and a bunch of other extra stuff thrown on there.

As punishment for being a bit of a jackass on nautilus-list, I sat down and looked at some nautilus code; it was very clear and easy to read, even for someone like me who sucks. I actually understood the problem and was going to start asking about what vfs apis to use to solve it when Christian Neumair swooped in and fixed it. Yay. (can I call him a cap’n now? :) Hopefully the fix will greatly reduce the appearance of the irritating-but-theoretically-necessary ‘mismatched types’ warning.

Was pleasantly surprised to flip down the fast-user-switcher applet today and discover my hackergotchi in there, from the ‘about me’ capplet. We should have a spectacular level of rocking when we have about me, f-u-s-a, gdm, gnome-screensaver, and gnome-power-manager are all kicking ass and taking names together in 2.14.