Mon, 25 Jul 2005

Frankly, it’s not that tough for ISVs to build native Debian packages, and if they can’t offer a deb, you can’t well expect them to support the RHEL-packaged version of their application on Debian.

eweek hits nail on head about the new debian core consortium’s RHEL flirtation. In general, lots of people coalescing around Debian is not a bad thing, though.

Built a 2.11 liveCD tonight. Still has lots of rough edges. Am wiped, will finish/post it tomorrow.

Paper continues to progress; have written 8 pages (of a theoretical 12) but (1) it is going to have to go way past 12, I think, and (2) those 8 pages will wither to 4 or 5 once I actually attack them with my economist style guide. ;) So still a long way and a lot of research to go. Research sucks when you’re not already a domain expert, I’m rediscovering…