Sun, 24 Jul 2005

Beautiful day today- spectacular weather. Spent three hours in the commons reading selections from The Economic Structure of Intellectual Property Law and getting some color, one of which I mostly failed at, and the other gave me a sunburn. Still nice, I guess :) Had dinner at Kashmir on Newbury (outside seating, of course ;) and then walked from Kashmir to the Loews on Boston Commons to take in the new Batman. Was fun. Need to get off my ass and finally read the Frank Miller source material.

Yesterday afternoon spent time at Thunder’s house, eating delicious turkey burgers, good salad, and yummy coconut and mango ice cream. Delicious. Afterwards went to see Boston’s pro lacrosse team play. Fun- cheapest pro sporting event I’ll ever see, I figure :) And a beautiful night to sit outside and soak up the fresh air.

More reading and writing next week- Friday I got six or so pages of my paper written; enough to guide the rest of my research, but also too verbose- need to tighten it up to 3-4 pages before going further.