Thu, 14 Jul 2005

Besides LSAT and GMAT prep for fall test-taking, I’m taking the same IP Law course that Dom took last summer. It’s a good class- giving me some of the formal background that I’ve lacked. The course text is solid and informative, and the prof is a good lecturer. But not a very involved student group- seem mostly sort of note-taking machines, which is a shame- I would have liked a more interactive group like Dom and I had in the spring.

Have family in town this weekend. My little sister has basically talked me into going with her to get Harry Potter 6 at midnight. She’s in New Hampshire doing a robotics summer camp- sounds like fun.

Have finally kicked the nasty chest cold I’ve had for nearly a month, so I’m doing some (mild) exercise again. Feels good.

Responded to a bunch of marketing-team emails last night; hopefully more catching up on my email today. Down to only 80-ish unread :/

Also, to paraphrase Giblets the all-knowing:

“Carolina sucks and shall be doomed – ONE DAY – by a RIGHTEOUS GOD in whom Giblets believes VERY DEEPLY – to an eternity of HELLFIRE!”

“But Giblets how can the Heels suck if they are the defending champions?” says me.

“That is not what sucking means!” says Giblets. “Sucking is a moral property Fafnir! It does not reflect what the Heels have done but what the Heels intrinsically are. And they are intrinsically evil and suck!”

“I am not sure about your theory of sucking Giblets,” says me. “I always believed sucking was reducible to natural properties such as double-parkin your car or hanging NIT banners or hiring Matt Doherty as head coach.”

“No!” says Giblets. “Sucking is an objective irreducible moral property an we can intuit when sucking is present! It is an objective moral truth that the Heels suck!”

“But Giblets why would so many sucky Heels be beloved by so many Todd Bermans?” says me. “An why would so many sucky Heels be rewarded with so many banners?”

“There is no such thing as suckical subjectivity!” says Giblets. “The Heels suck no matter how much society has approved of and rewarded their sucking!”

So, in conclusion, go to hell, carolina, go to hell.