Mon, 11 Jul 2005

The bugsquad will be having the first GNOME 2.12 bugday on Thursday. We’re in the neck of 10K open bugs on core components, and we need to figure those out as much as possible and prioritize. We have not figured out the ‘theme’ of the bugday yet, but as soon as we do we’ll formally announce, with details on time and whatever. If you are a former bugdayer, please come by and help out the newbies! If you are not a former bugdayer, well, you should be :) come by, spend a few minutes of your day, and feel good about having helped us make gnome 2.12 a better piece of software.

Paolo: someone suggested that notifications in zenity could be tied to the new notification stuff; I for one would love a little bubble popup that my build had failed and I needed to kick it. Seems like exactly the kind of background action that one should be actually notified of :)

The Captain pointed me at the greatest use of lego ever. Long live Bob. I have passed it on to my sister, who is doing lego stuff at summer camp right now, but I’m afraid while she might appreciate the robotics, she knows zilch about Marley. I have clearly failed to educate her.