Sun, 10 Jul 2005

Who needs a swanky french chef when you can make your own crepes with lemon curd and farm-fresh strawberries. Yum. Also finally got an AC, in preparation for the 90+ temps expected today and tomorrow. When you’re at home all day and there is no office to run to, not having an AC sucks.

Saw Bend It Like Beckham last night, after seeing All The President’s Men last Thursday. Beckham was fun, if utterly predictable. President’s Men was creepy, and very well done. A must see for those who think that journalism is (or should be) dead.

On the software front, continued working on bugs for the first time in ages, cleaning out the 2.12 blockers list, and making a suggestion to bugmasters@ on how to clean that up in the future. Am thinking that what I really need is a patch that checks the state of a bug after every change, and cc’s me automatically if it meets certain criteria. Nothing like that on the horizon, though.

Am running a jhbuilt HEAD for the first time in a while; mostly it is fine, except that gnome-icon-theme won’t install correctly for me, which means I’m running a desktop mostly without icons. Spectacularly ugly. Hopefully will fix that tonight.