Wed, 06 Jul 2005

Productive day. Lots of reading done, some writing; actually cleaned out some of my bugzilla folder for the first time in forever, and even (gasp) filed some bugs on the ‘about me’ capplet. Was excited to see Olav poking at a vastly improved reporting page for maintainers, too.

Played a little bit with swik, which on the one hand is freshmeat reinvented, but on the other hand, is freshmeat reinvented in the era of rss, wiki, etc., so it has some pretty cool stuff. Really, we all need DOAP so that we can do this right.

Have started future of work, which I only bought about an age ago. Brilliant, if perhaps slightly starry-eyed, so far. The author is at MIT but AFAICT isn’t teaching anything next semester, which is a shame- I would love to audit a class of his on the topic.