Wed, 06 Jul 2005

Woke up this morning to an explosion on nautilus-list- Christian Neumair and several others have been assaulting the list with patches, and Alex has been a stud reviewing them. Very cool. By the way, Luca suggested listing the new features and making sure all the best ones are in the 2.12 release notes. If anyone wants to take on that task (more details in the linked pages) it would be a great small task for a new volunteer.

Met someone who is tangentially related to harvard’s involvement in the google library project last night. Interesting discussion. Apparently some of the libraries are taking a very, very conservative approach to the project, with google’s backing. Interestingly, Michigan’s contract with google (because Michigan is a public university) is available online. There is commentary/discussion online as well. I’ve not read it yet myself.

I was amused to see a link to this screenshot from Bryan’s blog- given that that screenshot is still pretty much accurate, and talks about being fixed a year ago :) Will we make network-manager a 2.14 dep or what? (Slightly related: Federico mentioned desktop superheroes a while back- anyone who is interested in that should really read telsa’s notes on the ‘draining the swamp’ talk at GUADEC a few years ago. It is good clear thinking on what needs to happen to solve widespread problems in the free software desktop.)

Hopefully get more reading and some around-the-house chores taken care of today. We’ll see.