Sun, 26 Jun 2005

Only one day left to vote in the LJ annual popularity contest aka ‘reader’s choice awards’. I’ve in the past said ‘I don’t care about these things’, but I finally came around when I realized that many newbies (including the media, sadly) look to these things for cues about the state of the software. Even if they know the polls are broken and manipulable, they trust it more than other cues. We want to influence these folks, and that we get tromped in online polls because we don’t care about appealing to hard-core geeks is a nuance we can’t/don’t communicate. So we need to do our best to go ahead and pursue these polls.

If that didn’t make sense, that’s a long-winded way of saying ‘go vote, today’, and spread the message in the next 24 hours by whatever means you have at your disposal- other planets, other communities, etc.