Wed, 22 Jun 2005

Seb has packaged gtk 2.7.0 for Ubuntu; I’m happy, but waiting for others to package it for FC4 and SUSE 9.3 users.

A bunch of us locked ourselves in my living room yesterday and looked at Summer of Code proposals. We actually got Seth out of bed by 10am, and kept going until nearly 9pm. There were 460 of them to start, and many were good. Trimming them down was not fun. It’s not done yet; some good folks are still sacrificing themselves to make a final cut.

I, on the other hand, am not sacrificing; I am at Harvard Law, attending iLaw 2005. (Dom, please don’t hate me.) Dave once said that I like hanging out with smart people; he had me completely nailed. In most cases, iLaw lectures are not covering new ground for me, but the old grounds are brilliantly presented by very smart people, and that is always fun.