Sun, 19 Jun 2005

Ph33r me- I have written another patch. Longer than one character this time. With it, pyldtp/ldtp in tinderbox is a bit closer to reality. Unfortunately, AFAICT, forge.novell does not allow non-interactive, anonymous logins, and that is sort of putting a crimp in actually finishing the project.

Saw Howl’s Moving Castle today; was pretty good right up until the end. I really enjoy Miyazaki’s work, but this one reminded me more of the cheesy, overly heavy-handed, and occassionally incoherent Mononoke than his more complete and less heavy-handed works like Spirited Away or Totoro.

Spent a chunk of time (Thursday->Saturday) in Durham, mostly seeing some old friends, and meeting some new folks. Hit many of my major Durham haunts- Elmo’s (apple-stuffed french toast) Cosmic (burrito), Blue Corn (plaintains, aborted attempt at a mojito), Foster’s Market (apple streudel muffin, strawberry scone), and Francesca’s (bourbon vanilla ice cream). Also had some really delicious Greek (tapas-style) in Cary, at Xios. You can see a trend here :) Durham still feels way more like home than Boston does, really- I think probably just because of the green and the open space. The inability to wear shorts today in Boston, in June, probably helps too. Seth ‘mr. yum’ Vidal kindly put up with me (and put me up) for the weekend, and we even occasionally discussed things that weren’t packaging. ;)

Finished Everything Bad is Good For You in the airport on the way down- really good; I strongly recommend it for parents or soon-to-be parents, particularly those who played with video games and watch a lot of simpsons and want to somehow reconcile those ‘bad habits’ with having grown up to be fairly functional themselves. Read Altered Carbon on the way down- fun near-ish future scifi whodunit; if you’re into scifi and looking for a light summer read I recommend it. Am currently pounding on Design of Everyday Things- I’ve had it forever, and have already read Emotional Design, but just hadn’t gotten around to reading this one. Great so far.