Tue, 14 Jun 2005

Random shite from today:

  • Holy shit! I don’t know if this is upstream, or an ubuntu patch, or what, but the system tools’ network manager just gave me a dropdown of essids that it got from iwlist scanning. Sweeet. Thanks to whoever did that.
  • Attended a talk by JD Lasica at the Berkman center. JD’s Our Media is trying to become the sourceforge for the creative commons set- the place everyone can host and share and play with CC-licensed media, compared with sf’s GPL-licensed code. Uraeus probably should have used them. Pretty intersting stuff. Interesting new thing he mentioned was Media RSS 1.0, a standard for media metadata. Yahoo is already a big supporter, but apparently google video will be supporting it too, so it looks like it’ll become a defacto standard very quickly. Nifty, and maybe somethign we should support. He also mentioned the Broadcast Machine, which I hadn’t heard of and looks pretty cool- lots of wheel reinvention, but the basic notion (torrent-ish web TV) is very interesting.
  • Am about 2/3rds through Everything Bad is Good For You, which is excellent so far. Also read Freakonomics last week- it was a fun read, but ultimately mostly fluffy.
  • It would be great to get some people out to this FLOSS usability sprint in SF- I don’t think in the end it would actually change much (we’re a bigger task than some other projects there :) but it would be great to get the word out that good stuff is going on, and build contacts in a community we don’t see much of.
  • I haven’t actually had a chance to use it yet, but Muine Tagger seems like a fairly sane way of fixing the common problems I have with tags. Yay.
  • Sox won last night, which was nice- been too few and far between lately.
  • Came to the realization that the goal for liveCDs for 2.12 should be to get 100K of them downloaded, and have them as close to stock as possible- which means fixing the theme issue, among other things. A probably easy but sort of time-consuming fix for someone who wants to help with this task would be to replace the terminal and nautilus launchers on the panel with Evolution and Epiphany- see bug 307626.