Sat, 11 Jun 2005

Went to a reunion dinner with my dad last night, for the 35th anniversary of his medical school graduation. We had some miscommunication… there are three Harvard Clubs in the city, and the dinner was at the third one we went to. Oops.


missed a conference, was completely unmissed at it

Very much missed. I think I had at least two conversations about how sad it was you didn’t show :/ I think the only reason it has escaped mention/email/etc. is that it was sort of expected- you’ve dropped out, and we miss you, but that’s not exactly news, so… Definitely know that we’re not the same without you.

Pragmatic bits: the discussion of gtk 2.7/2.8 on the list reminds me strongly that the Packaging Project badly needs to be resurrected. We achieved our best quality when people were regularly pounding the very latest code and looking for bugs. Ubuntu’s packaging of tarballs has really helped in the last two release cycles, but more could still be done, both by packaging regularly for RHat and SUSE, and (dream world) by packaging CVS daily. if you have that particular skillset and want to get involved, restarting the Packaging Project would be a great way to make a huge impact quickly.