Thu, 09 Jun 2005

Had a very good dinner yesterday with some random tech folks from around the area. Interesting take-away from the dinner: all of the other attendees are proprietary people by background who use and like open source (though that wasn’t a goal of the organizers, just happened that way) and all thought that they were seeing signs that the attitude of the software world in general is becoming more and more accepting of us- customers expect to deploy it, VCs want to know what relationship you have to it, and (of course) academics are studying it.

As of this morning, I have contributed code to cairo. Note the boldness of my strategy for attacking the problem.

Glad to see John Rice has started blogging. John attended the Ad Board on behalf of Sun and I thought he had a lot of fairly interesting things to say- certainly fresh blood and fresh perspective, which is great. Apparently he’s also going to focus on performance issues, which is probably much needed :)

My father will be in town all weekend for his med school’s 35th reunion, but he is more interested in seeing me than his classmates, so I’ll be in and out all weekend. Hopefully still get some work done :)