Tue, 07 Jun 2005

Had great dinner with the Cap’n tonight; we’ve had our disagreements at times but I’ve always valued his advice and I’m going to spend a lot of time mulling over what we talked about. Otherwise, the day was mostly about getting little things done- laundry, more Windows/VMWare/school stuff, some reading. I’ve totally fallen behind on marketing-team email, which sucks, but it seems like there is lots of traffic going on without me, which is great.

‘Small is the new big’ is a fun little diatribe I bumped into today. Certainly inspiring for those who’d like to work in small companies, if short on concrete suggestions ;)

Random GNOME-y stuff that makes me excited today:

  • Ephy 1.7.1 has a greasemonkey plugin, thanks to work from Adam Hooper and others. The gmail saved search greasemonkey plugin makes me hot.
  • Big congrats to the Debian GNOME team for getting 2.8 into the new release. About time ;) Davyd Madeley and I had had a little talk when he wrote his footware page about what to do with Debian (which we want to support, but which technically shipped 1.4)… thankfully that isn’t a worry anymore- big congrats to everyone who made it happen, both in the GNOME team and the Debian team at large.
  • I’m pleased to see folks working to get more women into GNOME; certainly there is a problem there and I wish them lots of luck. I’m a little surprised that no effort was made (that I can find) to do this within gnome-love and/or an existing IRC channel, and that neither of the women involved have ever tried to post to d-d-l or g-h, but given that the folks involved have apparently been involved with the debian women project, I’m sure they have some good ideas on moving GNOME forward in this area. I wish them luck and of course hope that they feel like they can reach out to the community for any help tha they want/need.
  • Herman, the author of GBTcr, emailed me a question today; I’d never heard of GBTcr but it looks pretty cool- hopefully I can play with it and my phone soon.